My research area is “Applied Artificial Intelligence” which includes Machine Learning & Deep Learning.  My current and past projects are: 

  1. Voice enabled chatbot. (Mr. Leyton D’Silva, Mr. Valentine Miranda) 2020-21
  2. Troll detection on Twitter. (Mr. Shaun Misquitta, Ms. Sanika Bhagwat, Mr. Leyton D’Silva) 2019
  3. Cloth Pattern Recognition. (Mr. Jayesh Kukreja, Mr. Pritesh Satpute) 2019-20
  4. Text to Image Synthesis using Generative Adversarial Capsule Networks. (Mr. Joel Braganza, Mr. Yash Gupte) 2018-19
  5. English to Hindi Neural Machine Translation. (Mr. Rohit Nair, Ms. Daelyn Oliviera) 2018-19
  6. Image Captioning. (Mr. Abhishek Nair) 2018-19
  7. Self-Driving Cars. (Mr. Shivam Mishra) 2017-18
  8. Image Detection. (Mr. Raj Sanghavi) 2017-18
  9. A Machine Learning Approach to Protein Fold Recognition. (Mr. Karan Manghi, Ms. Kavya Kotian) 2016-17

My Certifications are:

  1. Machine Learning by Andrew Ng.
  2. Deep Learning Specialization by Andrew Ng.

Selected Publications:

Primer on Computational Techniques for Machine Learning.

If you are a DBIT student, and want to do a project with me, then, you should be in TE (Third Year) and in Semester VI. If you are not a DBIT student, then, you can do an internship with me. Contact me at: uday.dbit(at)