Reliance Jio Bootcamp

Brought Reliance Jio Bootcamp to Department of Information Technology, DBIT. Under this program, TE-IT & BE-IT students will get a 15-day free training from Reliance Jio software team, and in the next 45 days, will have to develop:

  1. KaiOS Apps for JioPhones, using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS
  2. Andrioid Apps for Jio STBs using JAVA.

Those students whose Apps get selected after the final round, will be awarded by a Certificate of Merit and their Apps will be published in JioStore. The Apps source code can be made open or closed (Proprietary).


Did a business deal with Coursera Inc., on April 18, 2020 worth $1.3m. DBIT students can now undergo Certification courses with leading Universities for FREE. Now, my current role is Organization Administrator, Coursera for Business, DBIT.